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Meet The Team

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Professor Robert M. Townsend

LEAD's Principal Investigator

Elizabeth & James Killian Professor of Economics at MIT

A theorist, macroeconomist, and development economist, Professor Townsend analyzes the role and impact of economic organization and financial systems through applied general equilibrium models, contract theory, and the use of micro data.


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Nicolas Xuan-Yi Zhang

Graduate student in the Institute for Data, Systems and Society, and at MIT CSAIL.


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Andre Medeiros Sztutman

Job market candidate in the Economics Department with a focus on imperfect information issues, inequality, and financial inclusion.


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Daniel J. Aronoff

Research Scientist at MIT DCI with a PhD degree from MIT Economics, a past Vice-Chairman of the Board of Grand Valley State University in Michigan, author of two books on economics; The Financial Crisis Reconsidered and A Theory of Accumulation and Secular Stagnation,and writer for the Sceptical Market Observer, letter writer in the Financial Times newspaper.


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