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Encryption, a primer

Here are written notes summarizing Professor Townsend's class on "Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Distributed Ledgers: Innovation and Regulation", MIT IAP 2019

Our 2020 Covid-19 report  : "Urgently Needed: Investment in Financial and Information Infrastructure for SMEs"

Motivation: The current Virus situation and need for a broader policy view. By Professor Robert M. Townsend ,with the collaboration of Andre Sztutman and Nicolas XY Zhang

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"Financial designs utilizing homomorphic encryption and multiparty computation"

We emphasize here that encryption is a way to implement optimized solutions to bilateral and multi-agent mechanism design problems - especially as it enables several implementations of the "mythical central planner" in mechanism design literature.

LEAD's Pr. Townsend and Nicolas Zhang's proposal for the IMF, with Tobias Adrian, Tommaso Mancini-Griffoli, Federico Grinberg

Motivation: the fragmentation of payment systems, and lack of international monetary anchoring. This proposal is just the first step in a broader agenda currently being worked on - please feel free to reach out for collaboration!

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